Exciting announcement!

The Ocean 5 are rowing the Pacific Ocean in 2024.

After the team’s incredible feat breaking the world record for fastest 5-man team to row across the Atlantic, we thought, why stop there? We are hoping to set another record and beat the current fastest time to row across the Pacific. We will take everything we have learnt from the toughest challenges we faced on the Atlantic and channel this into a new record-breaking attempt on the Pacific.

Did you know

  • The Pacific Ocean is the World’s deepest ocean.
  • The first person to row the Pacific was Patrick Quesnel in 1976.
  • Just 80 people in 31 boats have successfully rowed to one of the Hawaiian Islands from mainland USA.
  • Of the 31 crews to have completed the voyage, 10 were all female, 18 all male and just 3 mixed gender.
  • The longest anyone has taken to row this route was Peter Bird who took 147 days.
  • The average crossing time for all crew sizes is 62 days.
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